O que realmente está acontecendo quando algo acontece?/ What is really happening when something happens?

Lab and Performance from the research field entitled Chemical Fictions/Tactile Dramaturgies, directed by Cristian Duarte, that focuses on reverberating empathy, vibrating between sincere and false physical engagement, or if you prefer, persevering for a sincere representation.

The work is grounded on a collective mute guffaw, in contact with the indignations generated by small and maximum humiliations we continue to daily experience in the environment in which we build and live in. The proposal explicitly carries the intention of moving a critical reflection that finds in the current political, social and cultural conjuncture its inexhaustible source in constant combustion.

What is really happening when something happens? seeks to stress the relations between bodies and things, pointing to laughter, and the neuronal mirroring that it triggers, as a political vector to problematize what exists between context-artist-public-institution.

Year: 2017
A Cristian Duarte em companhia production
Performers: Aline Bonamin, Allyson Amaral, Bruno Levorin, Carolina Repetto, Clarice Lima, Cristian Duarte, Denise Melo, Felipe Stocco, Fernanda Vinhas, Isabella Gonçalves, Júlia Rocha, Leandro Berton, Leo Nabuco, Mariano Mattos Martins, Mayra Azzi, Patrícia Árabe, Paulo Carpino, Teresa Moura Neves, Tomás de Souza.
Direction: Cristian Duarte
Dramaturgy: Cristian Duarte, Bruno Levorin e Júlia Rocha
Realization: Lote#5 through the 21st Edition of the Municipal Dance Promotion Program for the city of São Paulo [21ª Edição do Programa Municipal de Fomento à Dança para a cidade de São Paulo]
Supported by: Casa do Povo and VERBO 2017 - Performance Art Festival (13th edition)
Firework production: Felipe Stocco, Leo Nabuco and Cristian Duarte
Photography: Haroldo Saboia
Video: Iago Mati

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photos by Haroldo Saboia