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Lote is an artistic residency project that since 2011 promotes a context for experimentation in dance in the city of São Paulo. After five editions, it can be considered an experiment between creation, training and specialisation for students and professional artists. Its formative characteristic was not a will outlined a priori, but revealed through its permanence, by the bodies and trajectories of the various artists who create and develop its actions and unfoldings, transforming the residence into a reference.

Without separating theory from practice, it stimulates a land invented by many hands responsible for creating its own conditions and principles to conduct a network of affections capable of awakening and stirring researches, as well as of establishing a public platform for dance, that since 2013 is propelled by the partnership with Casa do Povo – a space dedicated to non-institutionalised cultural practices, which encourages experimentation in the contemporary arts, also offering new ways of thinking about the role of public spaces in the city of São Paulo.

  • The five editions of Lote were subsidised by the Programa Municipal de Fomento à Dança para a cidade de São Paulo (Municipal Program of Dance Promotion for the city of São Paulo) and established several cooperations with institutions such as Goethe Instituut São Paulo, Centro Cultural da Espanha – CCE/SP and Institut Français do Brasil e do Consulado Geral da França.
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