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  • Developed during studies at P.A.R.T.S., Non-Fiction takes physicality as the main source to produce and articulate dialogues/relationships, allowing the performers´ particularities and vulnerability to determine the flow and character of an encounter.

The performance is an attempt to confront differences. By what means can we approach the other ? 6 meetings, 4 people !

  • Concept and direction: Cristian Duarte
  • Creation and performance: Claire Godsmark, Linda Samaraweerová, Radek Hewelt and Cristian Duarte
  • Music:

Text read by Phil Murray – “The 49 steps to a bright life”
Prokofiev – Gavotte (played by Brodsky Quartet)
Bach – Overture (suite) n°3 BWV 1068
Desire Chi Mai (Morricone, performed by Amii Stewart)

  • Acknowledgments: Jan Ritsema, Jonathan Burrows, Shani Granot, James Schneider, Peter Fol, Lief Bigaré and Ryan Le Garrec.