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A trio for two voices

  • A Project with Peter Stamer, Cristian Duarte and Paz Rojo
    residency, 14 th June till 28 th June, 2005. PACT ZOLLVEREIN. Essen/Germany
  • The mutelessness of the discourse, the soundlessness of the voice, the stillness of the body motivated the idea of this project for which we will start doing research on. The starting point for the work is to be seen in the relation of ‚love songs’ to their proper lyrics and the bodies of the performers.
  • During their residence at PACT Zollverein Essen, Paz Rojo, Cristian Duarte, and Peter Stamer have been working on the emotional relation of body, music, and text. In the course of two weeks, with QUINTET they created a performative installation that integrated the voices of the three bodies into a machine-like set up. Speaking love and speaking about love are demarcations, where the collaboration took the direction to create a loving machine out of discourse and emotional ready mades, nourished by personal experience. Computers execute the speech of love who nevertheless are engaged in a touching dialogue. The discursive encounter spills over into the room, into the void left behind the absence of performing bodies, and it is animated to become social, historical, emotional bodies. Who speaks ?
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