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  • Wrong Ass is an association of artists who have their own interests, researches and approaches towards creation and performance. Founded by Cristian Duarte, Peter Fol and Shani Granot in 2005, this frame rather suggests an environment, a mechanism to destabilize experiences and artistic practices.
  • Initiative & project concept: Wrong Ass.
  • Creation and performance: Cristian Duarte, Shani Granot, Peter Fol, Nada Gambier and Alice Evermore
  • Photo: Annick Donkers
  • Production: in the wrong vzw
  • Supported by: Bomba Suicida (Lisbon), Monty (Antwerpen), STUK (Leuven)), Rosas (Brussels), De Vlaamse Gemeenschap Administratie Cultuur (The Flemish Community Cultural Administration).
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