segunda-feira, 05.03 20h12

Piece commissioned by Transitions Dance Company, London [2016]

  • Set to an arrhythmic electronic score by composer Tom Monteiro, Duarte’s work invites the dancers to (re)visit and plunder their physical and conceptual memory banks. Humorous, bizarre and off-centre, the piece twists and turns like an unknown river being navigated for the first time. The audience is clearly implicated in the unfolding of this work, playing its part in framing and defining the action.
  • Choreography: Cristian Duarte
  • Artistic Director Transitions Dance Company: David Waring
  • Creation & Dance: Bryn Aled, Marcus Alessandrini, Giannis Economides, Viva Foster, Becky Horne, Osian Meilir, Sean Murray, Sarah Oakley, David Esteban Rodriguez, Sophie Tellings, Selene Travaglia & Jessica Walker
  • Sound score: Tom Monteiro
  • Light Design: Ashley Bolitho
  • Costumes: Lucy Minta Reeves
  • General Manager: Ellie James
  • A Transitions Dance Company production
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