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it was commissioned by Transitions Dance Company at the Laban Center in London and developed between 22 September – 15 October 2006.

  • Premiered in february 2007 at the Laban Center Theater in London.concept and direction: cristian duarte
    creation and performance: Lucy Evans, Melodie Gonzales, Robert Guy, Chloe Horrell, Jacob Ingram-dodd, Sarah Jackaman, Silje Lian, Takeshi Matsumoto, Stacey Panico, Brooke Smiley, Louise Tanoto and Vince Virr
  • it is asking for meaning
    it has an internal technology
    it is metaphoric
    it is brooke, silje, louise, jake,
    it fits as it goes: it’s flexible, mobile
    it has strength and coordination
    it has endurance

it sounds and smells
it requires other senses
it is chloe, rob, sarah, stacey, lucy
it is virtuous within
it is biological

it is immigrating
it is melodie, takeshi, vince
it spreads
it needs you
it needs your imagination

  • My main interest is the body.
    Body treated as a producer of knowledge and committed to explorations of different logics and understandings about presence, action and performance.

I’ve been keen on reducing, on creating necessity and conditions to deliver a proposal that can be experienced as a challenge for both – performers and audience.

I think of performances as temporary formulations to test ideas, not ideals.

What you get from the time offered is people engaged into real situations and, a place where you can also follow the mind, the thinking process of actions, of choice making and the negotiations involved in it.

  • thanks to all dancers who committed to it. David, Susan and Karsten for their insights and final touch and Sara for attending my production requests with a great smile !
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