Middle High Tones

Monday, 12.03 17h57


  • “Sometimes it is useful to look at an organism, even the human being, as a self-sufficient mechanism.” Regulation, however, depends on inconstancy, especially on behaviour. More importantly, an individual is not a machine. People have minds of their own.”

This quote from biologist S. Anthony Barnett was the source of inspiration for the performance where Cristian Duarte and Shani Granot investigate the frontiers of human autonomy. How to function independently in an environment that urges adaptation? Where, in other words, is the difference between being driven by the environment and independently following your own desires and motives?

  • Creation: Cristian Duarte and Shani Granot
  • Performance: Cristian Duarte, Shani Granot and Peter Fol
  • Technique: Peter Fol
  • Orientation: Jan Ritsema and Jonathan Burrows (PARTS)
  • Production: P.A.R.T.S.
  • Acknowledgments: Jan Ritsema, Lief Bigare, Frederik Verrote, Constance Neuenschwander, Ryan Le Garrec, Helena Katz, Springdance / Dialogues, Dora Leao, Flavio Rodrigues, Fabiana Britto, Sandra Fol.
  • The show was performed during studies in P.A.R.T.S. (Performing Arts, Research and Training Studios), Brussels/Belgium 2002, as a scholarship recipient of the extint ApArtes – CAPES program of the Brazilian Ministry of Education.