Wednesday, 21.03 22h04


  • At the invitation of the São Paulo Cultural Center to participate in the last edition of the female/male platform, I began revisiting my first work as a choreographer, the solo Pressa (1998).
    I invited the young dancer Leandro Berton for a “remake”. I accepted the invitation knowing that I could not access the  11 years old piece as it was. For some reasons: because it’s about Leandro on stage; because in that context I was occupied with other issues, with other aesthetics; because the way I’ve been working lately mobilizes me to rethink, reformulate and risk ideas.

Then, we decided to prioritise and value our inaugural meeting, facing this opportunity as a tool to generate something new setting the “original” as a starting point and parameter.

We did not name our process a remake, we named it revising of ideas.
And, that’s where the title of the new solo comes from.

  • From 28/5 to 7/6
    Thursday to Saturday at 9PM, Sunday at 8PM
    free entrance
    Room Paulo Emilio Salles Gomes
  • About the original solo Pressa:
    Developed with the support of a research research grant awarded by REDE Stagium in 1997, Cristian Duarte’s Pressa soil received prizes from the Paulista Association of Art Critics – APCA (1998) and Funarte (Mambembe 1998). The remake of this solo in 2009 counts with the collaboration and performance of the young dance maker Leandro Berton.
  • Revising and Direction: Cristian Duarte
  • Revising and Performance: Leandro Berton
  • Lighting: Cristian Duarte
  • Costume Design: Cristian Duarte and Leandro Berton
  • Pressa was originally created with the support of: REDE Stagium, Studio and Company Nova Dança
  • Partnerships for the revising in 2009: Choreographic Center of Rio de Janeiro and CoLaboratório of Panorama Festival
  • Production: Cristian Duarte
  • Acknowledgments: Leo Nabuco and Renato Paschoaleto
  • Starting Point
  • Photos by Inês Correa Video