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Wednesday, 28.03 20h11






leandro says: (23:10:23)

cris says: (23:10:26)

leandro says: (23:10:27)
I already read your mail

cris says: (23:10:34)

cris says: (23:10:41)
Do you want to answer here?

leandro says: (23:10:54)

cris says: (23:11:22)
so let’s go

cris says: (23:11:25)
How do you visualize reassembling the solo Pressa with me?

leandro says: (23:11:25)
I imagine at first, that is a work related to what I live those days, in relation to the indecisions, rush even ….
the speed that often makes us take longer … suddenly to finish something ..

cris says: (23:16:08)
Do you think we should reassemble it exactly as it was?

leandro says: (23:16:22)
as we are different people, I’m sure it will not be exactly how it was …

cris says: (23:19:38)
What do you consider a priority in what you saw on video?

leandro says: (23:21:39)
as a priority, the design of the work ……… ahhhh of course that some movements are until very important or better interesting to be redone

cris says: (23:32:29)
and if Pressa (hurry) had nothing to do with speed or acceleration as the title suggests, but rather a relationship of overlapping stimuli in the seeker? as the fragmented soundtrack made from tv channels that becomes a documentary about elephants ….. and takes the work to a context in another sphere ….. speaking of animal, of communication, of other forms of existence, of life . What does this have to do with hurry?

leandro says: (23:35:01)
I see this other way of defining hurry in relation to all that you said, as for example … the form of communication between the elephants that even being distant from each other communicates easily at a huge distance

cris says: (23:40:47)
the way they communicate is a frequency that the human ear cannot detect

leandro says: (23:41:00)

cris says: (23:41:44)
How close can we get to the original? That’s the big question…

cris says: (23:42:55)
I have doubts about the light, the costumes ….. and even the soundtrack ….

cris says: (23:43:17)
And then, when I think about it, I ask myself:

cris says: (23:43:30)
So what does reassembly mean?

leandro says: (23:45:14)
but reassembly would not be the ideal word for what we’re going to do

cris says: (23:46:26)
What word would it be then?

leandro says: (23:46:52)
revision of idea

cris says: (23:47:02)

cris says: (23:47:44)
How do you imagine a revision?

leandro says: (23:50:54)
revising the main ideas …. that is the freq. as a form of elephant communication, and the distance of some beings in relation to this idea of ​​frequency .. and see how we can transform everything with my way of movement and the way to see it all now

cris says: (23:54:00)
Do you think elephants never forget?

leandro says: (23:54:41)
Of course humans also use frequency as communication over long distances … the difference is that this feature in elephants takes place biologically …

leandro says: (23:55:45)
depends on the meaning given to the concept of forgetting, if you forget you are in the sense of rationality as we understand it, I can doubt it

leandro says: (23:57:30)
but if it is in the sense of accumulated sensations during a lifetime I could strongly believe in this

cris says: (00:07:06)
the idea of ​​revising the solo requires the memory of this experience (which I have lived), revising with you means creating a communication link between us with clear parameters, which will provide subsidies to make this subject interesting today.

Leandro says: (00:09:37)
this is precisely what the success of our work depends on, the narrowing of the bonds we are beginning to build