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  • by Thiago Granato
  • PLANO B appropriated itself of the production mode of the English artist Banksy to create a choreography that navigates through metaphors of our environment and focuses on how the transit of information is managed through a body moved by a slippery relationship with its audience. A sequence of actions promotes the renovation of well known places and common sense, blurring certainties through superposition and relocation of different contexts, suggesting other visibilities with critical and ambivalent potential.
  • More info on Banksy: Artsy’s Banksy page
  • Concept and Creation: Cristian Duarte and Thiago Granato
  • Direction: Cristian Duarte
  • Performance: Thiago Granato
  • Soundtrack edition (M.I.A. and Soft Cell): Cristian Duarte
  • Photography: Rogério Ortiz
  • Duration: approx. 40 minutes
  • Acknowledgments: Thelma Bonavita, Alice Ripoll, Barbosa Caieiras, Tarina Quelho, Celina Portella, Dino Soto, Eduardo Bonito, Fabiano Amaral, Gustavo Ciríaco, Ilton Rezitano, Isabel Ferreira, João Saldanha, Laura Samy, Leo Nabuco, Maria Lúcia, Marcelo Braga, Rogério Ortiz, Sandro Amaral, Simone Mello, Studio Arte Dança (MG).
  • This solo was created and produced for the event “Solos de Dança do SESC, 9th edition, at Espaço SESC – Rio de Janeiro”, premiered in March 2008.
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