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  • Granted and developed with the support of REDE Stagium, Pressa received prizes from the Paulista Association of Art Critics – APCA (1998) and Funarte (Mambembe 1998).
  • “In his first experience of choreographic creation, Cristian Duarte takes from Physics the concepts of frequency (number of cycles of a system in the unit of time) and speed (frequency overlap) to think difference between bodies as a matter of frequencies – life – distinct.  Seeking links between his own body and another form of existence, Cristian Duarte makes of Pressa an exercise of attachment to the different. Organising the overlapped frequencies in the body, and on stage, a more complex choreographic sense for the idea of intimacy is formulated: gradual articulation between discontinuous flows. Pressa ​​uses velocity to calmly establish the understanding that distance between two forms of existence is no more than a space of time, in the evolutionary rhythm of the same system: life.” by Fabiana Dultra Britto
  • Concept, Direction and Performance: Cristian Duarte
  • Costume: Fábio Namatame
  • Lighting: Andre Boll
  • Photography: Gil Grossi
  • Sound search: Cristian Duarte
  • Sound editing: Kito Siqueira
  • Executive production: Dora Leão
  • Support: REDE Stagium, Estúdio e Cia. Nova Dança
  • Acknowledgements: Cássia Navas, Marcelo Larrea, Adriana Grechi, Lu Favoreto, Tica Lemos, Flávio Rodrigues and Fabiana Dultra Britto.
  • APCA Award 1998.
  • Photo ® Gil Grossi