Dance with me

Tuesday, 03.04 17h46


  • Dance With Me is a flashmob created for public spaces based on the performance 1mm of all that, which takes the Jazz Dance as object and reference. The flash explores the plasticity of the grapevine step in a collective promenade that gradually intensifies its presence and reveals the aesthetic universe of this language, which finds its climax with a choreography for the song “dance with me” of the music band Chilli (1978).
  • Conception and Direction: Cristian Duarte
  • ƒlash-performers in 2014 for the inauguration of SESC Campo Limpo: Alexandre Magno, Aline Bonamin, Allysson Amaral, Amanda Raimundo, Andreza Cavalli, Bruno Levorin, Carolina Brandão, Chico Lima, Clarice Lima, Claudia Nwabasili, Eduardo Fukushima, Felipe Stocco, Isabella Gonçalves, Ísis Vergilio, Ivan Montanari, Jerônimo Bittencourt, Leandro Berton, Lucas Delfino, Mariana Costa, Maurício Florez, Natália Mendonça, Patrícia Bergatim, Rafi Sahyoun, Raul Rachou, Rebecca Belsoff, Ricardo Gali, Robson Ferraz, Roges Doglas Marinho, Sofia Tsirakis, Tassia Cabanas.
  • Daniel Lie (style/costumes)
  • Patrícia Árabe (Assistant)
  • Haroldo Saboia (video/foto)
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