Tuesday, 03.04 22h39

3 dance concerts for 2 dancers and 1 musician.

  • Biomashup Variations is an unfolding of the piece Biomashup and is organised as a dance concert in three variations. Three independent duets accompanied by the Russian instrument Theremin live by musician Tom Monteiro, who reaches in the air the notes emitted by the two antennas that constitute the apparatus and modulate its dance.

Cristian Duarte attests to his interest in an aesthetic that collects different moments of historical time. Looking at the sides, the choreographer perceives stories that navigate a web of events, whose time is made desires and crass by the distinct resolutions of a present that imagines densities of the coming, that was and will be action in a same interval.

“I have been aiming to study strategies to make it possible to redefine patterns, aesthetics and contexts in dance, bringing to view an ethics that establishes creation as the art of crossing the great murmur of poetic encounters that remain alive beyond the authorial prestige and may activate other sensory-motor flavors.”

Biomashup Variations goes in that direction. It obsessively perceives sensory-motor dance patterns and occupies the intersections re-signifying legendary places in favor of a space-time that constantly builds its credible instance between fictions.

  • Conception, Creation and Direction: Cristian Duarte
  • Creation and Dance: Alexandre Magno, Aline Bonamin, Clarice Lima, Felipe Stocco, Leandro Berton, Patricia Arabe and Tom Monteiro
  • Musical conception for Theremin: Tom Monteiro
  • Light design: André Boll
  • Costume Designer: Daniel Lie
  • Photography: Haroldo Saboia
  • Graphic Design: Renan Costa Lima
  • Art Consulting (2014): Bruno Levorin
  • Executive Producer (2014): Daniel Cordova
  • Production-Diffusion: Carolina Goulart/Cristian Duarte em companhia
  • Realization and Support: artistic residency Lote#3, 15th Edition of the Municipal Program of Dance Promotion for the city of São Paulo and Casa do Povo
  • Support 2015 Lote Osso, 17th Edition of the Municipal Program of Dance Promotion for the city of São Paulo and Casa do Povo
  • Rating: from 7 years
  • Duration of each duo: 45 minutes