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[JAMZZ 2013/2020]

  • JAMZZ is a diagonal performance/improvisation with the participation of the audience. Inspired by Jazz Dance, it invites all participants to an aesthetic and performative vintage experience fueled mainly by musical hits from the 80s. For alternative spaces, circuits, living areas, squares, parks, courts, gyms, among others.
  • JAMZZ is a fusion of Jam and Jazz. Jam is the term adopted by the contact improvisation movement in reference to musical sessions held mainly by jazz and blues. Both in dance and in music, it is an opportunity to get closer, to put bodies in dialogue, in game, in practice and socialization. In rev(f)erence to the expressiveness and aesthetics of Jazz Dance, the performance is guided by steps, movements and clothes capable of seducing the public (space) to draw a diagonal that flows repertoires and emotions. Jamzz invites all participants for a vintage aesthetic and performative experience fueled mainly by musical hits from the 80s and 90s. To take place in alternative spaces, with a flow of people, living areas, squares, parks, courts, gyms, among others. Developed at the artistic residence Lote – a context of experimentation and training in dance in the city of São Paulo, which in addition to encouraging shared work practices, was fundamental to the choreographic action of Cristian Duarte in company between 2011 and 2018.
  • Concept and Direction: Cristian Duarte
  • Performers in Relay: Aline Bonamin, Allyson Amaral, Clarice Lima, Danielli Mendes, Felipe Stocco, Gabriel Fernandez Tolgyesi, Ísis Vergílio, Leandro Berton, Maurício Alves, Maurício Florez, Marcela Costa, Natália Mendonça, Patricia Árabe.
  • Hozt: Cristian Duarte
  • Djazz: Buno Levorin
  • Production/Diffusion: Cristian Duarte em companhia/Carolina Goulart
  • Drezzcode: Jazz Dance
  • Duration: from 1h 
  • Free for all audiences
  • Support/Acknowledgments: Lote, Casa do Povo and Publica
  • Photos by Clarice Lima 
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