Tuesday, 20.11 15h49

[2018 in progress…]

  •  Of the things I can´t live without (Das coisas que não posso viver sem)
  • The conditions that obtained when life had not yet emerged from the oceans have not subsequently changed a great deal for the cells of the human body, bathed by the primordial wave which continues to flow in the arteries. Our blood in fact has a chemical composition analogous to that of the sea of our origins, from which the first living cells and the first multicellular beings derived the oxygen and the other elements necessary to life … The sea where living creatures were at one time immersed is now enclosed within their bodies.—Italo Calvino, Blood, Sea
  • This research deals with the idea of agglomeration as archive. A dance archive made of references that constitute a dancer´s singularity in the way it moves, acts and feels. The invitation is to move a sea of references treated as marginalia, footnotes that trigger many etceteras. It is also an opportunity to doubt the foundations, contours and convictions of a trained body and its way of thinking/dancing.
  • Participated in the first research residence in September 2018: Aline Bonamin, Bruno Freire, Clarissa Sacchelli, Felipe Stocco and Júlia Rocha. A partnership between Tom Monteiro and Carla Boregas for a soundtrack created and played live. André Boll in the interlocution and execution of light design and Carolina Goulart in production.
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