Friday, 23.08 18h36

  • Piece commissioned by P.A.R.T.S., Brussels [2018]
  • Let It All Out brings together dance archives from the training histories of the cast, using current memories and those that remain subconscious or neglected. These memories appear as marginalia, no longer owned by anyone. They become a footnote, liberated and recycled into new sensations and perceptions.

The soundtrack was composed for this creation by Brazilian musician Tom Monteiro, starting with the song Shout (1985) by Tears for Fears as reference.

  • Choreography: Cristian Duarte
  • Assistant: Bruno Freire
  • Music: Tom Monteiro
  • Performance: Audrey Mérilus, Fouad Nafili, Margarida Marques Ramalhete, Mariana Miranda De Oliveira Silva, Rafael Galdino Dos Santos, Rita Gouveia Alves, Robson Ledesma, Timothy Nouzak, Wai Lok Chan
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