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Fora in portuguese means many things. Some of them are: out, get out, outside, exception, rejection, and when a hashtag is added to it may also be followed by an undesired person, normally a politician, like #ForaBolsonaro, for example.

Fora structures the continuity of Cristian Duarte’s choreographic action in z0na/company of 20 artists des/arranged in 4 phases between 5.10.20 to 5.10.21.

Fora understands that making the creation tour is a fundamental principle of the artist.

Fora is de/composed of performances to massage public spaces, to touch other bodies, other logics and contexts.

Fora in a future imagined for the street, land, asphalt, plaza, park, center, north, south, east, west.

Fora is present in whereby, hangout, teams, jitsi, zoom, insta, face …

Fora of the virtuosity of virtual dance?

Fora in the midst of many questions about how we have worked to get here.

Fora recognises its qualities and im/potencies.

Fora inaugural experimentries.

Fora in pur/pose of un/familiar and valuable con/tact.

Fora a challenge to be dealt with every day in time that circulation presupposes non-computer viruses.

Fora excites matters with its virtu\sensori/al perception.

Fora releases words with slash like kin/ethics.

Fora airs life that when restricted and virtual desires being even more human.

Fora performs its actions based on a collective existence in/positioned as a zone for/by\of/in\co/as\out/hashtag\fora/ activating a porous dance to its social-political-cultural context which promotes the population’s access to the fruits of public investment.

Fora is regulated by altruism and reason (which is not common sense), prioritising public health. Re/creations for virtual mode will be carried out as long as the pandemic persists.

  • The first phase is already active and comprises the re/creation, for the virtual mode, of a performance that has as its subject a collective silent laugh that perseveres in its own condition with this question: What is really happening when something happens? For its virtual in/corporation, this question was also imagined: What is really Fora ?
  • The second phase involves performing another work in its repertoire – Jamzz – a fusion of Jam and Jazz Dance. It is structured between sociability and performativity. Invites the public to improvise Jazz Dance steps on a diagonal driven by musical hits from the 80’s. Due to its interactive feature, its viability will be evaluated in sync with the Covid-19 pandemic updates.
  • The third phase will develop a new creation that takes into account all the experience of the previous phases to leverage a process with the participation of 7 artists chosen from the previous casts and will also invite 3 more performers that the choreographer does not yet know and wants to meet during the ENSAulas and LABORs that make up the actions of this Fora.
  • The fourth phase will conclude a video documentary de/composed of the whole process, in all its extension, in collaboration with the video artist Iago Mati, in/formed by images, situations, texts, statements, interviews and others possible resolutions as to how to generate traces of experiences on the different phases and layers of the whole Fora. In addition to reflecting on the outside world, it intends to generate questions for dance and for the city.
  • Along the process, several calls will be launched so that other lives can come in Fora to co/move their own emotions and those from Fora as well.