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JÁ ESTÁ [2020]

  • Virtual tour at São Paulo Municipal Houses of Culture.
  • The lives took place at the houses’ Facebook pages:

Casa De Cultura Municipal Hip-Hop Sul > dias 23 às 15h & 24 às 16h < Abre

Casa de Cultura Vila Guilherme – Casarão > dia 30.01 às 16h < Abre

Centro Cultural Penha > dia 31.01 às 16h < Abre

Centro Cultural Vila Formosa > 06.02 às 16h < Abre

CCJ Ruth Cardoso > 13.02 às 16h < Abre

Vila Itororó > 27 & 28.02 às 16h < Abre

Casa de Cultura do Butantã> 13 & 14.03 às 16h < Abre

Casa do Povo > 20 & 21.03 às 16h < Open

  • JÁ ESTÁ is the re-creation for the virtual mode of  the performance “What is really happening when something happens?” created in 2017. The work takes as echoes the Brazilian economic-political-social context to move bodies through experimentation, thought and poetry. Choking in a world afraid of air, it comes with words hunted without a doubt, but that will give you the will to dadáubt.
  • The performance was structured as a game of entrances and exits in the zoom environment by the performers. This procedure generated a collective edition in real time that reveals the dramaturgy of the performance. A second editing phase was carried out preserving the quality of the live and in collaboration with the audiovisual artist Iago Mati.
  • These are public openings of the F0RA project that represents the continuity of Cristian Duarte’s choreographic action in the company of many others through actions such as classes, laboratories and sensori\virtu/al re/creations. The project runs until October 2021, carried out with the support of the Municipal Program for the Promotion of Dance for the City of São Paulo – Municipal Secretary of Culture.

Co-creation, Co-production and Performance: Aline Bonamin, Allyson Amaral, Clarice Lima, Cristian Duarte, Felipe Stocco, Leandro Berton, Maurício Alves, Paulo Carpino, Júlia Rocha, Patrícia Árabe and Tom Monteiro.
Choreography and Direction: Cristian Duarte
Dramaturgies: Cristian Duarte and Júlia Rocha
Sound composition: Tom Monteiro
Voice: Júlia Rocha
Video Editing: Iago Mati
Special appearances: Emília, Nina, Noel and Vicente
Pets that run through the process: Bardot, Bartolomeu, Kyara, Nina, Raja, Ramona and Vitória
Executive Production: Carolina Goulart at Bonobos Produções Artísticas
Production assistance: Cássia Sandoval
Support: Casa do Povo and all families, friends and housemates from all the cast and team that generously allowed their homes to become studios, stages, scenarios and subjects.
  • To follow the actions of the F0RA project by Cristian Duarte em companhia, follow our networks:

Youtube: http://bit.ly/Z0NA_F0RA

Instagram: @zonafora_