Thursday, 15.10 08h06

A production by Cristian Duarte in z0na

  • Artistic Direction and General Coordination: Cristian Duarte
  • PHASE 1: Re/creation in virtual mode <What is really happening when something happens? > Aline Bonamin, Allyson Amaral, Clarice Lima, Felipe Stocco, Leandro Berton, Maurício Alves, Paulo Carpino, Júlia Rocha, Patrícia Árabe and Tom Monteiro.
  • PHASE 2: Jamzz Performers > Zoomzz > Aline Bonamin, Allyson Amaral, Bruno Levorin, Clarice Lima, Cristian Duarte, Danielli Mendes, Felipe Stocco, Gabriel Fernandez Tolgyesi, Leandro Berton, Marcela Costa, Maurício Alves, Natália Mendonça e Patrícia Árabe.
  • PHASE 3: New Creation> to be created with 10 artists defined during phases 1 and 2 (7 will be selected from the artists already participating and 3 who will be selected through LABORatories and/or ENSAulas).
  • PHASE 4: Documentary, Cristian Duarte in collaboration with the video artist Iago Mati, and others that will appear throughout Fora.
  • Professor LABORatories and ENSAulas: Cristian Duarte
  • Executive Production: Carolina Goulart in Bonobos Produções Artísticas
  • Documentary in\co/labor\action with Iago Mati
  • Support: Casa do Povo
  • Other functions and/or services will be defined throughout Fora.