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Dance lab with Cristian Duarte

  • Casa de Cultura Vila Guilherme – Casarão
  • 01 to 06 JUNE • 15h to 18h
  • In this laboratory we will move the body, the memory, the imagination, the words and the things that pass through us today. We will seek to create meanings, emotions, reframings. Between surrealism and realism we will invoke things that move us, listen to music that inspires us and build a virtuous \ sensorial choreography based on these materials.
  • Choreographer Cristian Duarte is an artist from São Paulo with over 25 years of experience. His background includes the Studio and Cia Nova Dança in São Paulo between 1994-2000 and graduation from P.A.R.T.S. (Performing Arts, Research and Training Studios) in Brussels between 2000-02. His artistic practice has been marked by the creation of contexts for experimentation and training in dance such as APT?, DESABA and LOTE/Z0NA. He is part of the P.A.R.T.S. (Brussels) since 2018. He was invited professor by the SICW platform – Seoul International Choreography Workshop (Seoul / 2019), DOCH / SKH-Stockholm University of the Arts (Stockholm / 2013/2015). He choreographed for Transitions Dance Company at the Laban Center (London, 2003/2006/2009/2016) and for the Stockholm Cullberg Ballet (2015). His production has been recognized by the main dance awards in Brazil and presented internationally in countries like Germany, Argentina, Belgium, Chile, Singapore, Spain, Holland, France, England, Portugal, Uruguay and Sweden. He was one of the curators of the Artistic Actions of the SESC Bienal de Dança 2019. Among his works are: Zoomzz (2021), Já É (2020), Home100 (2020), Hack100 – Um backdrop (Audiovisual / 2020), Let It All Oct (2018), What is really happening when something happens? (2017), Ó (2016), Against the Current, Glow for the Stockholm Cullberg Ballet (2015), Biomashup (2014), Jamzz (2012), The Hot One Hundred Choreographers (2011) and Médelei – I’m Brazilian (etc ) and I never exist (2006).
  • It is not necessary to have extensive experience in dance.
  • The last day of the laboratory may be a public opening on Casarão’s Facebook page – a performance elaboration that will be worked on during the laboratory.
  • This is an action by Cristian Duarte in company in the F0RA project carried out with the support of the Municipal Program for the Promotion of Dance for the City of São Paulo – Municipal Secretary of Culture. F0RA has created creations for the virtual mode, presentations and classes.
  • Duration: 06 days *
  • Time: 15h to 18h
  • Number of vacancies: 30 (vacancies will be filled in order of registration)
  • Virtual platform where the meetings will take place: ZOOM
    * Cristian Duarte in company will offer a Certificate of Participation to participants who have 100% attendance.
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1) We are in quarantine and this time the registration will only be through the internet.
If there are vacancies, anyone can participate but it is essential to know the conditions for participation in the activities: having a cell phone or computer with internet access;

2) The initial communication tool will be Email or WhatsApp;

3) LIMITED SPACES BY REGISTRATION ORDER. The definitive registration depends on available places. If all vacancies have been filled you will be placed on the waiting list. Up to 2 days before the start of the laboratory you will receive an e-mail or whatsapp communication;

4) Carefully type in your cell phone and email. It is with them that we will speak to you;

5) Your data will be used only for the purpose of registering for the activity.

  • Link to register: HERE