Arqueologia do Futuro

Saturday, 17.02 11h54

Archeology of the Future [May 2010-April 2011] was an artistic research project developed by DESABA platform – coordinated by Cristian Duarte and Thelma Bonavita – in collaboration with Ana Dupas, Bruno Freire, Clarice Lima, Daniel Fagundes, Júlia Rocha, Leandro Berton and Rosa Hércoles.

  • The project was developed through the investigation of a series of procedures (tools/ scores/ instructions …), documentation and dissemination of the research organized in the form of a notebook-catalog (object of study and sharing), a cycle of encounters on tools for creation and open trials, which served as experiments to promote re-formulations and new understandings about the research process itself. These initiatives were elaborated based on the central questions of the project: How does contemporary dance produce choreography? Is it possible to share these modes?
  • The project published a 128-page catalog-book supported by 8th Municipal Dance Promotion Program for the city of São Paulo, and it was developed between May 2010 and April 2011.
  • Website of the project
  • Catalog-book at Issuu Photos