Construindo Falas

Tuesday, 26.01 19h18

A tool developed by the DESABA platform.
It was presented at an open meeting within the program of the Contemporary Dance Festival – 2009 edition.

  • History & Objective

“Construções falas” is a tool developed for use by artists in meetings proposed by festivals and exhibitions where he is invited to speak about his practice in public.
The goal is to reorganize the understanding of your artistic practice and, at the same time, develop a communication that is coherent with the context in which you find yourself in.

  • Description
    The artist and/or festival makes available and discloses a cell phone number so that interested parties can schedule a meeting with the artist. The meetings can take place within a 24-hour period, leaving the duration, location, time, etc, at the discretion of those involved.
    The artist seeks a way to record, organize and share the experience with the audience in a final presentation within the festival’s program.
  • Photos