Eletroquímicos, baby

Friday, 09.03 00h01


  • Electrochemicals, baby transits through metaphors of our environment, in which we produce and it produces us, unfolding critical sense through its plasticity. Scrounging clichés to produce waste that allow us to reflect on the conditions that make us who we are. Redesigning contours and inventing temporary structures to be able to recognise a vulnerable “vibrating body”. A body that adopts temporary solutions, preserving the doubt as a critical exercise, without predetermined strategies, responding to life with life.
  • A reworked version derived from Show: about what we see (volume 1)
  • By/With: Cristian Duarte and Thelma Bonavita
  • Lyrics of electrochemical, baby soundtrack: Thelma Bonavita and Cristian Duarte
  • Track Editing: Cristian Duarte
  • Photography: Rogério Ortiz and Renato Paschoaleto
  • Production: Desaba
  • Support: Barbosa Caieras, Collective Theater Factory, House of Erika Palomino.
  • Thanks to what we see: Ilya Prigogine, David Lynch, Aviões do Forró, Karim Aïnouz, Aernout Mik, Gloria Club, Funk Forbidden, José Padilha, Richard Dawkins, Emily Dickinson, Nina Simone, Suely Rolnik, Barbosa, Martin Arnold, MIA and Alva Noë.
  • Electrochemical, baby track
    you see
    you touch
    you touch
    you deform
    you reform
    you transform
    you fuck it
    you fuck it … “