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  • Through the 4th edition of Dance Promotion Program for the City of São Paulo, DESABA Association developed a research based on the hypothesis that “creation comes before project“. In order to do so, it promoted a field of actions – lectures, selective process for artistic residency, artistic residency, a blog and the production of a contemporary dance piece. All of it experienced as constitutive materials for the creation of an artistic environment that culminates in the production of  TOMBO – a possible synthesis of this environment, created and danced by Cristian Duarte, Thelma Bonavita and Thiago Granato.
  • More information and documentation can be accessed at the blog:

“We can not really fly to another planet. But we can recapture the feeling of having fallen into a new world, looking at our own world in an unfamiliar way. “Richard Dawkins – Unraveling the Rainbow.

We set out to investigate how things make sense or not, when we can potentially discover something unlikely or less probable; something that promotes some bifurcation. Tombo presents itself as a field of actions that invites the viewer to approach a tactile and unstable  landscape. A dance that seeks to de-automate the perception of familiar places, inciting expectations.

  • Creation and Performance: Cristian Duarte, Thelma Bonavita and Thiago Granato
  • Soundtrack: Renato Cohen
  • Costume Consulting: Karlla Girotto
  • Lighting: André Boll
  • Photography: Renato Paschoaleto
  • Sound tech: Leo Nabuco
  • Light tech: Sandro Amaral
  • Press Office: Agência CARTAZ
  • Production: DESABA
  • Acknowledgments: Rosa Hércoles, Barbosa, Beto Grimaldi, Eduardo Bonito, Isabel Zarzuela.
  • Contemplated by the 4th edition of the Program of Dance Promotion for the city of São Paulo.
  • Premiere: from 05 to 15 March 2009/Olido Gallery – Paissandu Room
    March 19-29, 2009/Teatro Italia, TD – Theater of Dance
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