Everybody Perfect

Saturday, 29.05 02h08

Everybody Perfect [2020]

  • No copyrights owned. No body earned a penny.
  • Made with high-spirited intent to change chemistry, sweat a little and as a pretext to “meet” work and life partners during the coronavirus pandemic quarantine.
  • In order of appearance: Jamie Lee Curtis Isis Vergílio Allyson Amaral Aline Bonamin Clarice Lima Patrícia Árabe John Travolta Mauricio Alves Natália Mendonça Marcela Costa Cristian Duarte Gabriel Tolgyesi Júlia Rocha Maurício Florez Arkadi Zaides Dani Mendes Paulo Carpino Leandro Berton Felipe Stocco
  • Video produced with images captured by each participant and scenes from the 1985 film Perfection directed by James Bridge.
  • Music: So many men, So little time by Miquel Brown
  • Editing: Cristian Duarte approved by Clarice Lima
  • Quarantine productions
  • 8 Abril 2020
  • 8’11”