KINTSUGI (2022-23)

Monday, 24.10 21h16

The KINTSUGI project will be developed between November 2022 and September 2023 with the support of the 32nd Edition of the Municipal Dance Promotion Program for the city of São Paulo — Municipal Secretary of Culture, and will carry out the following actions:

  • 01 New Creation;
  • 04 Jams;
  • 04 experiments;
  • 04 Laboratories;
  • 01 Virtual publication.
  • On instagram @crisduarte_  you can follow the open calls and other invitations.

The term Kintsugi has been popular on the internet in recent years and, roughly speaking, is a Japanese art in which a broken piece of pottery is repaired with a varnish containing gold. In this art, instead of hiding the patches of broken pottery, the visibility of the fissures is highlighted, highlighted by the gold, highlighting the imperfections of the trajectories, the stories covered by the ceramic piece, and generating unique meanings of the existence present there.

KINTSUGI project adopts this name as a metaphor for the processes of continuity of Cristian Duarte in company, since the last piece created was the site specific DESPEDANÇADA – a web page composed of countless and diversified pieces of virtual dances, pieces of choreography, fragments of procedures, between references, metaphors, memories and individual experiences shared and resignified by the encounter on screens.