Thursday, 17.11 11h08

LABOR – provoking the matter with others

  • Labor is a multidirectional path willing to provoke other synapses in the way of thinking, imagining and dancing. The laboratories are spaces composed of 03 meetings, lasting 03 hours each, to share some of the procedures of Cristian Duarte in company’s new creation. There will be 4 Dance Labores throughout the Kintsugi project.

In addition to sharing practices and procedures that will be in question throughout the Kintsugi project, we envision that the participants can tension and complexify the procedural land in which we will be engaged.

The meetings will be permeated by studies on the sensoriality of movement, with attention to tone modulation and the construction of a tactile zone that slides between topographies of space, bodies and imagination in a continuous flow, driven by memory and perception about motor patterns, individual and collective repertoires and their performative possibilities.

  • Aimed at people interested in dance creation processes, students and/or professionals who are physically active.
  • Number of vacancies: 15 vacancies per laboratory.
  • Expense allowance: Each selected participant will receive an allowance in the amount of R$230.00 subject to their full participation in the work (100% attendance).
  • Applications for the selection process launched through open calls on @crisduarte_ and @zonafora_  and also available on this website.